Transport Technology

Electric Cars

One of the biggest problems currently facing the global community is the rise of global warming – of which cars cause a small but significant part. There is, however, a move to replace all petrol and diesel vehicles with electric cars to reduce carbon emissions.

The cars run on electric batteries or fuel cells which can be recharged with renewable energy sources such as wind or solar. While it is thought that electric cars will be the norm in the future, they are currently expensive and off limits to most of the population. Recent research shows that while people would opt for an electric car if they were the same price, they are unwilling to pay more for an electric vehicle. Another issue facing the electric car is the battery life. Charging points are also very limited now and makes traveling long distances problematic.

Government incentive programs and grants are offered and continuously being developed to influence people to purchase electric cars but it is thought that it will be some time before they are affordable to the average person. Developments have also been made in transferring the technology to airplanes.