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Motiva Leading The Pack in Next-Gen Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is among the most lucrative markets today. More and more women are discovering the benefits of breast surgery. Behind the success of breast augmentation is more than a dozen technologies. Check out some of the latest innovations from Motiva UK, a renowned brand in the breast surgery industry.

Ergonomix – Implants That Move With Your Body

Motiva’s most successful innovation is Ergonomix, an implant designed to move naturally with your body. The implant adapts to your body movements and reflexes, making your new twinnies feel as natural as possible.

TrueFixation – Natural Breasts’ Shape

These implants have been designed to mimic the natural shape of your boobs. They come with fixation tabs that hold the breasts in place. TrueFixation breast implants have also been improved in terms of safety. They have a cell-friendly SmoothSilk Surface that lowers the risk of capsular contracture.

These are not the only innovations from the company. The brand is also behind Motiva® Round (round implants) and Aesthetic BreastRecon (breast reconstruction).

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