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Emerging Trends in the Food Industry

Automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics are taking over major industries in the world and the food sector is not left behind. From ghost restaurants and robots serving food to smart ovens and technology, the food industry will continually go digital. Nowadays, consumers, rather than producers, influence technology trends in the food industry. And this is through their tastes and preferences as well as their shopping habits. Here are the emerging food trends.

Ghost Restaurants

Today, people are so busy that they even lack the time to cook meals. So they resort to ordering food online or through the phone. Ordering food from delivery-only restaurants is where ghost restaurants come in. Such food establishments only cook and deliver food to consumers who place orders online or call via phone. This process is the same as that of Amazon, which sees customers place orders for groceries and state how and where they would like to receive their meals. The demand for food has increased over the years and so have automation and robots in this industry, which are specifically used for efficiency.

Technology helps customers place their orders quickly and through automation, so it’s easy to tell what the customer wants. Then maps or GPS is used to help identify the location of the customer. Is there any company in the USA that delivers ready-made food? UberEats delivers whatever you want at your doorstep. There are a couple of other brands that do the same.

Robots Serving Customers

Japan is known for its advanced technology, including robots that take orders and serve customers. You only need to visit your favorite food joint, sit down, and place an order. The robot may even greet you before popping the question, “What delicacy should I serve you?”. Rather than pressing certain buttons, you only need to talk to the robot and it records what you want. And within minutes, the robot will come back with your food. In no time, these machines will be used in kitchens to flip burgers and even cook.

Smart Ovens

Imagine using an all-in-one oven where you can grill your meat, boil your water, warm your dish, and bake your cake. Yes, these ovens exist, and they can multitask to give you what you want. Ongoing research for food by companies such as https://foodiq.fi/ and technology trends in the food industry has made it possible to create mobile applications or programs that can help control the ovens. It’s astonishing that the oven can even read the recipe and prepare you the savory meals you’ve been longing for. Switching on/off the oven is also via some clicks or through an app on your phone.

There’s a myriad of emerging trends in the food industry and as time passes, more is expected in terms of technology. Basically, you go to a hotel or any other food joint and place your order via a robot, order for prepared meals only, which come fresh and within a specified period of time, or use your phone to guide your oven on what to do.