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The Hidden Technology Behind a Watch

A watch is something we take for granted, just a timepiece we glance at occasionally. Although, with today’s technological advancements, a watch is now a fitness gadget, a communication device, and even a way to access your emails. But the old-fashioned analog watches still have their place, especially as a luxury item. This is because they are surprisingly complex pieces of machinery, and the primary mechanism is centuries old.

Mechanical Watches

A mechanical watch requires winding to drive a mainspring. When the spring is wound, it transmits force through a series of complicated gears to power up the balance wheel. This wheel moves back and forth at a consistent rate. The next step in this technological process is when the escapement device allows the hands of the watch to move forward. It is possible to purchase luxury watch winders from iflwatches.com which double up as a showcase.

What Do Watch Winders Do?

Winding a watch may seem like a simple task, but it is easy to overwind the timepiece and potentially break the delicate mechanism. If you possess an expensive watch, it is better to buy a watch winder from iflwatches.com, and these products are almost a work of art in themselves. Watch winders are designed to imitate the perpetual motion of a tourbillon. The tourbillon was first developed in 1795 and helps to improve the accuracy of a watch.

What is a Quartz Watch?

A quartz watch has different technology in that it requires a battery to power the mechanism. Also known as an electronic oscillator, it uses a quartz crystal to keep accurate time. The oscillator creates signals with very accurate frequency, and as such, quartz watches are more reliable than mechanical watches. These types of timepieces are a luxury item and should be stored on a watch stand from iflwatches.com to show them at their best.

Radio-Controlled Watches

Another type of watch is one that is synchronized to a timing system, known as a timecode. It is connected to a radio transmitter and is highly accurate. The time setting can be regional or international. Radio-controlled watches can also be controlled by satellite navigation systems and are accurate to within one microsecond.

No matter which type of watch you prefer, you should remember that it is not a simple object just for telling the time. It has a great history of technology behind it.