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Top Four Technology Trends That Will Impact Businesses

Technology keeps on changing, and with these changes come disruptions in various industries. Here are some technology trends that you need to keep an eye on as a business in 2020.

Privacy and Data Protection

2019 saw some global technology players being summoned before Congress to answer questions on data collection and data privacy. There was also rapid enforcement of data protection laws like the General Data Protection and Regulation laws that require companies in Europe to comply with intricate data protection and privacy regulations. In 2020, we are likely to see more applications of the same laws across the globe.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has made its mark, and it is here to stay. Most global technology companies have artificial intelligence offerings though they require some customization. Cybersecurity attacks are becoming more advanced by the day. It may be hard for companies to always stay updated with the latest technology changes.

However, with AI, the human limitation on learning can be left to computers that learn fast and create robust defense systems for companies, even in the face of AI-initiated attacks. In the short term, we will see increased AI usage in self-service bots that will enhance customer service and reduce the cost of running customer care centers.

5G Technology

A slow uptake of 5G marked 2019, but as the increased usage and demand for 5G devices increased, then this is bound to increase in 2020. More cities are also becoming 5G-ready as mobile carriers like T-mobile and AT&T are increasing their coverage of 5G. This creates an opportunity for other technologies like autonomous driving and even remote surgeries.

Automation and Robotics

Technology is developing so fast that we are now at a point where computers have to co-exist with human activities. Manufacturers are already using these technologies to enhance productivity, decrease product cycle time, and reduce transport costs.