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    Emerging Trends in the Food Industry

    Automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics are taking over major industries in the world and the food sector is not left behind. From ghost restaurants and robots serving food to smart ovens and technology, the food industry will continually go digital. Nowadays, consumers, rather than producers, influence technology trends in the food industry. And this is through their tastes and preferences as well as their shopping habits. Here are the emerging food trends. Ghost Restaurants Today, people are so busy that they even lack the time to cook meals. So they resort to ordering food online or through the phone. Ordering food from delivery-only restaurants is where ghost restaurants come in.…

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    Artificial Intelligence Technology and Communications

    There are many different forms of technology, but one of the most exciting is that which is expanding in communications. The technical growth in this industry has moved so rapidly, that many are now just taking it for granted. One area of technology in this category is that which implements artificial intelligence (AI). Synthetic Voices Some people are wary of artificial intelligence for many reasons. One is because they don’t fully understand it. Another reason is that they have fears that AI is going to replace human interaction, especially in the work field. But, what many people don’t realize, is that they are already being exposed to AI, and may…

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    Podcast Technology

    With millions of listeners flocking to the internet for audio content, podcasting is the most popular trend since the hula hoop. You’d think there would be some robust, high-end enhancements for the systems that support well-liked online news programs, creative stories, and talk shows. The reality is that the new applications for podcasts are very similar to the original technology. In 2000, a company called MyAudio2Go.com created an online file transfer system to download episodes of music, sports, news, and entertainment. The company went out of business a year later in the dot-com crash, but its founders started a revolution in content distribution that brings millions to the internet for…

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    The Evolution of Technology

    Technology plays an important part in all of our lives these days. If we ask ourselves what we would do if it was cut off for a little while; we probably panic in our minds a little bit when we think about it. With the innovation in technology today, we get reunited with loved ones, and our best friends, plenty of tasks are done much faster, everything is not as slow as it used to be a long time ago without technology’s growth. Plenty of industries got much more professional, and enjoyable with technology’s fast progress. We have various industries like the medical industry, the academic industry, the travel industry,…

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